Chris Jarmick
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Epinions Film Reviews

I wrote for Epinions from 1999-2014.  My film reviews had nearly 6 million views.  I was the most viewed film writer on Epinions and was also a site Advisor.

You can read a few of the reviews I posted on the site here:

Dirty Harry: the original dirty stinkin' violent twisted peeping tom original!!! 

Freaks: Banned Horror Classic

Unfaithful Wife:  Chabrol's Cuckold Husband

French Connection: Poughkeepsie Foot Pickers, in Gritty Almost True Crime Thriller

Tuvalu: Offbeat, Keatonesque Film

Sibling Revelry CD review: excellent collection of classic Smothers Brothers recordings

Olympus Has Fallen: DIE HARD in a White House time-killer NO Spoilers

Is There Sex After Death?: Dated Rude Mockumentary Still Amuses

The Hustler: Runs the table

Triplets of Belleville:   Endearing, Charming Grotesques You'll Never Forget


The site has since been acquired by eBay and is no longer publishing new content.