Chris Jarmick
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    Poet Carolyn Kizer, Chris Jarmick and Tess Gallagher at Burning Word Reading in 2006.

Poetry Event Producer/Curator

Since 1999, I've organized and created several greater Seattle literary readings and open mics at bookstores (Take Another Look Books, Bookworm Exchange, Park Place Books) coffee shops (Lottie Motts, Ugly Mug) restaurants (Otis), and at Pikes Place Market (with Seattle Parks and Recreation). I became a Washington Poets Association board member (2003-2006) and later executive vice president (2005-2006)  during the establishment of the Burning Word Festival (2004-2008 on Whidbey Island) and the creation of the the Washington State Poet Laureate program.  I was also a PEN-USA board member and President of the PEN-Washington chapter (2005-2014).  I also curated the Wordsworth readings at the Seattle City Council (for Nick Licata in 2003-2004).

Click here for my PoetryIsEverything blog which publicizes Western Washington State readings and events (and during April- National Poetry Month- participates in NaPoWriMo).

(Pictured: Carolyn Kizer, Chris Jarmick, and Tess Gallagher at Burning Word Event in 2006)


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